Fayre of the Greenskins
1105 from
Vollsanger  by leave of Agnes (the widow lady)

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  As we arrive at the Heart of the
Greenskin Empire to meet the
Emperor Hayami...
Within the Crimson Moon
we find the latest in the line of Bynts


  Tiddly Bynt ...
surveys the  Lounge Bar
  and wonders how long it will be
until she is
pulling pints at the bar
  In the meantime..
she settles for a cuddle
  While outside...
The Emperor's domicile is strangely quiet..
  But Rann Dom Bynt
is back in the Tavern
with a smile on her face
for the customers
  And the widow lady
surveys all she owns
  okay - time for another cuddle..

and that will do the baby photos for
the moment...

  While waiting patiently at the bar
Raith of the Algaia
  (or as Agna would have said ..)


  Lyra the Panther reviews the

Aftershock Challenge

Hall of Fame

  and Sunny has a
shady moment
  Are you looking at me ??  
Actually Vollsanger was otherwise
  As Calico checks her

scratching post

  with a quick pose...  

The Emperor comes out to meet his guests form the various Factions

  And explain a few minor points of etiquette  
  like - how to avoid getting various
parts of your anatomy cut off
  and introduces
our Games Master for the

and Endure-ation..!!!!

(if you liked that one my name is
Vollsanger and I am here all week)

  as the people gather for the challenges  
  and generally mill around  

watched by the Draken


and the Kings own Volunteers among others


wah wah wah

  While back in the Tavern...

ay last we find some decent staff

Younis the Peasant

  and he brings his own
brush and washing up bowl
  A really good worker..
good time keeper
  and all for a couple of silver  

while in the blazing sun ... the Emperor's people  sit in the shade

  and watch the games  
  While Snogg of the Black Wolves
looks at the competition
  Vollsanger has a quick look at the ..







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