Renewal 1105
from Vollsanger

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Thank You - Vollsanger - by leave of the Widow Lady

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Once more, the Widow Lady has let Vollsanger
out and about for an hour or two to try to
capture the flavour of the United (?) factions as they travelled to Estragales, land of the Algaia.
A strange and compelling land, with warm welcome from the King and Queen, but a severe case of  SWARM infestation !!!

  So... with no further ado... Welcome to Hell in 'Estragales
  and so - as we arrive
the ritual circle is engaged
  No idea what is going on ...
  but it looks very impressive...  
  [ if anyone wants to tell me
what is going on
I will happily commentate]
  But there was a  lot of drumming
and martial arts...
  Now, Vollsanger has never
done any of this Ritual Circle stuff...
but this one looked really
  As everyone shouts at the
guy in the middle !!

[ somehow seems a familiar idea ]

  More Spear Spinning
and nears a climax
  as those in the Circle can
those outside drink a can !!

[ yup - I am here all week !! ] 

  while the the ritualists
continue to beguile the circle..
with music...
  and pathos ..  
  and intrigue..  
  While certain strange
creatures are present
to watch and give their approval
  While others watch
with interest..
  and approbration..  
  Fighting Men and True!!  
  The path is Secure ...  
  On the way back
to the Crimson Moon ..
a chance meeting ..
  and an honourable meeting with
Draken -

  The Crimson Moon Veranda
  Fair Play
it is not easy to just walk passed!!
  So - off towards the Wolves Camp
and pass some VIP ...
never got introduced...
Let's follow him in
and find out what is happening
in the Wolves ???

Thor's Hammer Competition.

  So the audience are riveted!!!
[otherwise they would have sloped off by now !!]
here all week !!!
  And the competitors
line up ...
  and take their chance
at the greatest Gift from the Gods
  Thor's Hammer
that which raises Storms and Casts
lightening bolts on the wary
[ or random swarm
if Odin visits ]
  As the onlookers admire the
  (or is the audience ??)  
  Sadly no show from
Nod Hamage this year !!
  The competition is close
but nears its conclusion
  Bothvar looks on as the
competitors fight
  Hammer and Shield!!  
fights for Norscan Honour
Griffith of the Dire Wolves
in a semi final..
   [Closeup ]  
  Too exciting to be seated ..  
  Ready for the final  
  and a quick disturbance from
some pesky SWARM at the gate
  But Wolves have more than
enough power to repulse their attack
  so .. who won ??  
  and the winner is..  
  well - it turns out that there was a lot more WAH WAH WAH before that matter was resolved - so you will have to go to the next page to see... click here  
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