Wasteland 1105
from Vollsanger

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As we enter into the lands of the
Siberjian Wasteland, we find that, contrary to
the frozen wastes that we were led to
believe were here,
the land is warm and fruitful ...

But some strange and unknown creatures have
also travelled with us..

  The Jackalope makes an early
  We will meet up with her again I am sure ..  
  While in the Crimson Moon
Shore leave is a time of festivity
  Captain Raimos, looking for Crew..
looks to recruit for a
Death Defying and Once in a Life Time

[N.B. The Crimson Moon is an excellent location
for all your recruiting needs..
An Equal Opportunities Recruitment Agency..
We take all species - even Kender - honest!!!]

  Negotiations continue..  
  While a Cat may look at  Queen !!!

[umm -
nothing meant by that
your lordship!!! ]

  New Bar staff -

Mini Bynt and Lotsa Beer

  and more established Bar staff
thanks again for your time volunteering
  and - yes ....
you were expecting your first
"Meanwhile" moment..

Beasties among the candles

  While negotiations
continue regarding safe passage
upon the Zephyr
  While in the Crimson Moon
People are happy as usual..
  "a word in your ear Captain .."  
  "and mine's a pint !!"  
  While out in the Traders  
  The Court relax for a moment  
  While the Famous
attract an assortment
of customers
  Calico Cat
and Kordoch the Drow


  The Crimson Moon
 in Siberjian Splendour
  Kaz - reclines for a moment  
  While, taking a moment out from
serving at the bar
Stilla [Nother Bynt]
takes a well earned rest 
  As the midnight sun lowers in the sky  
  While, Dunna [Bynt] reclines
before the next rush
Stalwart Crimson Moon
  While across the way  
  a varied assortment  
  of dubious characters
[send me names and I will add]
  While - Ven Draya
The Originator of the
"Mild Ogre" poses
outside the Crimson Moon

 [mild ogre song ]

  I got Jugs!!!
and a big blade!!!
what more could a man want !!!
Vollsanger gets his first real
  The Crimson Moon  
  From one Redhead
with a  sword an attitude



to one
dearer to old Vollsanger's Heart
  What could a man ask for ??
other than a smile and
a hearty toast ..??

While at the Soiree
at the Narod Rodina

  Now you mention it
The mysteries of the East
have a certain appeal
  Though the Kaliph could not be here
with his four beautiful wives
and his fourteen handsome children
  A very fair representative
was present !!!!

VOllsanger was particualrly asked
to take notice of the
Belly dancing

  Almost the Lesbos Effect without Assistance  
  While Gorgeous Checkov
gets the drinks for the assembled
  and everyone is
catered for
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