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  So as the trade caravan rolls into Norscan Lands, and the Crimson Moon starts to ply its trade by Bothvar's Mead Hall..

a new generation of staff take up post
behind the bar

Tiddly Bynt  

  While Rann Dombynt prepares
for the influx of heroes from
the factions.
and Vollsanger tunes up his lute
because he will be "there all week!"

So the Widow greets you all well - and through Vollsanger's eyes
here are a few views of

FAYRE of the NORSCANS 1106

  So in the Crimson Moon
we find that
the Caliphate have come to
check that the consignment
of Caliphate Camel P*ss
has safely arrived...
  Yes - the Fayre
can proceed now...
  word quickly passes  
  While custom is steady .  
  and the pole dancers
get in a quick practise
  ahh - no!!
I can still see you
even when you are hiding
  The Steppe Alliance
lay claim to one small
part of Norscan territory
  While at the bar...  
  Ann - OtherBynt
awaits the next order..
  While the "widow" starts preparing
the Crimson Moon

"Pimm Poms"

  "what's that then ?"

(Pimms No 1
with Pomegranate
and a fruit salad)

  "It was about this big !!!"

Says Rann

  "really !!"  
  While passing a hurried customer
returning for another

we head out to see the field/..

  This dead swarm body
 got a little hung up
for the Speed Arrow
  While Bevyn..
now last of the Stormwolves
talks to Loud Thunder
of the Lacota
at the axe throwing
  Will readies himself
for the challenge
  "I think a number 3 wood
for this shot"
  Loud Thunder  


"Axe no Questions!!"


[see what I did there??
if you enjoyed that
then I am here all week - Vollsanger]

  Elfling surveys the games  
  and contemplates whether
it is easier to return to the
Crimson Moon ...
  What the Hel?

Vollsanger was distracted
for a moment

  Ahh back to the Competitions  
  the Axe Throwing  
  Bevyn awaits the next
  She was to come joint first in
the competition with
Baker of
the King's Own
  "I think I have got it sussed!"  
  So Darri - the Black Wolf Ogre
decides to have a fling..
  "Right ...
so I takes this toothpick.."
  "and frows it over there?"  
  "Right - here goes"  
  "and ... Grunt!!"  
  "Stand Clear..!"  
  The Fayre Ground  
  and the Crimson Moon  
  Vollsanger found himself in conversation  
  and of course - there is more competition
and what is happening back at the Crimson Moon ?
and in the other camps...
and what about this rumour of a Spirit Shrine..
and who is this Brother G Person anyway ??
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