"BiG Trouble"
from Vollsanger


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  It is the Summer of 1106
and the heroes are called to the lands of the Jhereg..
To Norovik,
where there seems to be
some social unrest...

But in the Crimson Moon ....
we welcome you to Renewal 1106
BiG Trouble


  Saturday Night is
with the
star billing...
  and Froat  
  The Crimson Moon Beer Garden
is overwhelmed...
  as the stars get to the
  and the audience little know
that at this very moment
  while C & F
give their rendition
of mayhem..
  Bro G is at that very moment
 in the Ritual Circle
about to free his
Daemons throughout the land
  but here in the Crimson Moon
we have other things to worry about
  though outside
it all looks peaceful
  evil walks the land...  
  and that is only the first verse!!  
  Once more with feeling..
  if only to stop that Vollsanger
fellow singing
  but the audience seem to enjoy  
  and it is a full house  
  If Vollsanger were only
in his senses
he may have noticed..
  but as it is ..
a small shard of Ernassmarr
seems to have robbed the Bard of
his ability to recognise
the difference between
Male and Female
  difficult as that may be to understand  
  but no-one seems to notice
anything different
  life goes on as usual  
  a normal busy day in the
Crimson Moon
  "Yes Sir" says Vollsanger
"Can I get you gentlemen anything?
  Nope ..

Nothing strange going on here!!

  While behind the bar
the "Widow" Agnes gets on with
serving the customers
  with willing staff  
  Our new Bynt  
  and Pastor Bynt
thought to be our oldest Larper
on site at 78 - any takers ??

Getting a firm hold on the glasses
if not the Jugs!!

  While Customers wait patiently  
  and a smile on the face
of Fodder
  And Stilla Nother Bynt
finds Vollsanger a pint
as usual
  While Dunna Bynt labours away in the
background as usual
  So,, have we set the scene
all seems to be quiet in that Haven of Calm
the Crimson Moon..
Vollsanger is not himself..
Outside.. BiG
things are happening
to see what Vollsanger saw .. you will have to visit the next pages
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