Return to Ernass Marr 1106
from Vollsanger

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Thank You - Vollsanger - by leave of the Widow Lady

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  So as we land in Albion

and there to greet
everyone at the Crimson Moon

  is the irrepressable

What does it say on the board?

ahh - should have known

So the Widow greets you all well - and though Vollsanger was
only out and about for a short while
here are a few views of Return to Ernass Mar
All Hell in Albion
  So, we start as usual
at the Crimson Moon
Surrounded by
Rhododendron Bushes
and, of course
our own Bar-Wench Flower
  Stilla Nother Bynt  
  While inside
some of our regulars

at the bar ...

a Midnight Elf of Albion

  Vollsanger gets
distracted ...
  Niam of the Nomads  
  Though the weather
was a little warm
for a built-in Fur Coat
  "Why would anyone want to
to leave the Crimson
Moon ?"
Vollsanger mused
  While back in the Tavern -  
  While "bind Wounds"
helps the
  While it really is too hot
for Chain ...
  while out on the battle field  
  much confusion  
  (funny I thought I took
a photo of someone there
now can't see anyone !!)
  Fighting Cannibals
something to get your teeth into !!

[v: here all week !]

  into the fray

[v: bentos?]

  Another one bites the dust...  
  while back in the bar..
Vollsanger updates
himself with local gossip
  a picture of the Crimson Moon

[v: honest]

  and Stilla
Working ....
  While back on the battlefield  
  lots going on ...  
  and someone
will win the battle
  It was as though
Some strange spirits were
watching over the battle
  while melee  
  after melee  
  occasional charges  
  and repost  
  and wait for the next attack  
  and... {you get the idea}  
  and there's more.  
  and confusion  
  and action...  
  and of course - there is more battle
and what is happening back at the Crimson Moon ?

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