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Costumes & Artifacts

Renewal 2001 - 109 pictures - last updated January 30, 2011

Renewal 2001Renewal 2001Renewal 2001
Also links to 169 more pictures from the Underdark
and now links to 123 more pictures from the White Wolf... (3rd Sept 2001)
Pictures from Wulf of the Gryphons are hosted here

Wolves Winter Banquet

Renewal 2000

See some pictures here
(now three pages of pictures of the banquet)

See some Pictures here

Trading with Agnes

Try our High Quality Drinking Horns

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See the "Agnes" Travelling Bed
Agnes Medieval Beds - the Travelling Pine Bed
Especially shipped in from America:
Crafted in Wales

Each is treated to ensure that you only taste the drink
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the Agnes Travelling Bed
Each bed can be easily taken apart by removing the corner wedges
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Handmade Costumes - made to order

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