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And so the story begins...

there are certain people
who can lead you astray...

(yes.. I asked her to consider
betrothal to Thane Wall)

Cersei of the Lions

they could even be Lions...

I am talking "Floaters"
and Wolves Hospitality here

Sir Robert places a protective
and honourable arm around Cersei

While others can sit an enjoy
the hospitality of the Wyrm's Tale

Seabjorn with Pigboy

of course - with Rude Wench

(and she said that she
couldn't take a good picture!!
eat your heart out Lord Leech- field)

(Marry me !!)

Still looking on

and who can blame them??

Saebjorn and Pigboy

Meanwhile - there is a body
under the watchful gaze
of these wolves..

It's Ristain the Bastard
Lying down on the job as usual

While back at the Bar -

Cat of the Lions
is persuaded to let her name
go forward for consideration
for Thane Wall's Betrothal..

While the Highest paid Courtesan
in the lands looks on

Draconius Elfin

she was a purveyor
of fine nectar in that little box of hers..

(the vodka / gin / grapefruit mix
in her little carry chest!!
what else could I mean??)

Take a Break - take a Kitty...

while Katrin of the Traders
gets her name placed into
the hat for betrothal...

Her dad is all for it ..
but what about Katrin??

day 2

Captain Darling
Lady Samantha
(Lions again!!)

Nose a touch red Captain??
or just a reflection from the curtain?

Amaranth looking for
inspiration again

It's not easy being on the
Command Team

Yorrick takes a
moment out to rest

Casimir the Skald

And Elener

Chosen of Freyja

Kestrel - turns away as I take the shot!!

And Thorgrimm looking cool

Does he know that Robert
the Mercenary is behind him??

What will Thor say when he sees
Thorgrimm using the Hammer of Thor
as a bat??

Robert the Mercenary
Cunningly disguised as a Lion
in the Wolf Camp..
(intelligence Corps??)

Thane Wall
The bridegroom to be

While Casimir looks on

Uh-oh -

Ristain is down again!!

The Brotherhood Archers can
also wear Purple

Kestrel ready to forage

While Allanya and Katla
feed the inner warrior

Day 3

Katla says I have no good photos
of her in armour...
So she sticks her tongue out
to prove it!!

Allanya in light armour
"What about the back?" I asked
"I am a wolf - I will always be
facing the battle"

More Stormwolves

Young Love in the

and he's down again
Don't trust these SAGA

Gunn presides over
the New Church
of the Stormwolves

Sy reads the
funny pages
in the book of Odin

Knox -
Thrall to Lord Bothvar
Patiently explains the nature of
Portals - again.. and again..
Won't anybody listen??

Draken and Gnoll in the Back..

Gunn is not impressed..
I'll just sit here until I can
see something to hit...

Now Pay attention...
a decision would be nice

Beard stroking 101

Day 4

Thorgrimm wants be excused

Beard stroking 101

So.. is it a portal
 or an entity??

and which should
we deal with first??

"I really need to be excused"

Is that a Gnoll I see before me??

Yup - and I'm off!!!

Casimir and Kestrel
have a quiet moment

Snogg - with attitude!!

you can't have too much Snogg
and don't answer back!!

Saebjorn of the

Agnes enjoys the setting sun..

Olaf the Berserker does
what he does best...


Day 5

A quiet moment
away from the drudgery of the
Kitchen - Agnes



Preparing for a gratuitous
cleavage shot ??

yes please!!

Elener contemplates this year's
Mr Renewal Competition

Well - we've not been married long..

Agna and Agnes

Three of the Sisterhood of Freyja

Teal of the White Wolves

Du-caine of the Wolves

Sigurd - Shaman of Hod



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