Renewal 1103 - The Liberation of Erin...
Pictures by Agna the Healer

February 11, 2011
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and so another Great Renewal of Magic starts...
Rather than being in Norsca - we find that the United factions have agreed to travel to the Fir Cruthen Lands of Erin - there to assist our ancient allies in liberating their land from the Tocra..
and the evil grip of the Blood Hag.. 

Lucky for us ... there was a Ritual Circle of Greater Power available .. but hard battles were before us.

Strangely for Agna - his record of this Event is mainly of battle and Warriors..
with only a small smattering of the lovely ladies who graced the lands...
Please read on - and view with him his images of Erin..
(each opens full size in its own window)

As the first day starts,
Lord Wolf Bothva
calls a Muster of the Wolves

Gathered under our banner this year are the Wolves, the Tokagawa, the Argonauts, the Bortherhood, and ..
the Lobotomy Goblins!!!
it is clearly going to be an
EVENTful Event!!

Bothva speaks
with Thane Wall
attentive at his side

yup - that's agna
all dressed up for the


The ritual Circle

Does it know what
it is about to get??

(Actually - it is about to get lunch !!)

So.. Tormagnus -
our head Ritualist leads us into the circle

and who is carrying
the washing up??
three guesses

round and round
the (ritual) circle

and ward the quarters...

Yup.. Agna's off
Pontificating again

Yeah yeah... air and Inspiration
ash and the Rune of Asa
we've heard it before..
("don't build up your part"
says Tormagnus)

 Mr T does his bit
as Katrina of the Merchants
waits patiently..

Teal is getting Hungry!!

As Sigurd and Teal
wait patiently for their
in the Wolves Kitchen

and Agnes takes care to
prepare one of her
special dinners...

(and Agna plays the part of some dastardly assassin.. skulking with poison !!)

Katrina waits patiently
holding a wolf pelt

with a precious
item therein...


as Agnes - innocently feeds
her ravenous warriors
with victuals
fit for Valhalla

Yum Yum
says Sigurd...
our Shaman of Blind Hod

"Holy Loki Trickster!! "

the poison takes its toll

Mighty Warriors laid low upon the ground!!

Even Agna's powers
could not save both warriors
requiring discern poison
and healing!!

as the life blood slips away from
our warriors
Brother Jerome is able to
restore them..

"Nothing to do with me"
says Agnes...

the meat was fresh last Thursday !!

As Tormagnus explains how this calamity
would drain the healing skills of the wolves..

There must be  a better way!!

Katrina hands her
precious bundle to
Brother Jerome

Agna is not Clean enough to handle
the item - cleansed and empowered
at a previous ritual..

So Katrina brings the ...


and ties a clean apron...

Praise be to Odin"

(Look - no hands !!)

and now...

Cleansed, purified and protected..

Agna can take charge of ...


And present the precious item...

To his Lady..


Agnes takes charge of her Spoon...
blessed with healing potions, and powers from the three spheres..

as Teal and Katrina look on

And Tormagnus
ends up with the washing up...



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