Devastation 1105
Agna (RIP) And Agnes

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Welcome to Norsca!!!
the Swarm have overrun the lands near the Skadi Mountains and Lord Bothvar
calls the Factions to come and aid him...
Little did we know how many would fall !!! 
So we welcome you to Norsca
and the Crimson Moon is well placed
at the foot of the Skadi Moutnains

Agnes and Agna - ready to
greet the weary travellers

early arrivals
The map of the known world
ready for perusal
care of the Grendels

[ooc tin & lucy]

All persons, races and species are catered for
in the Crimson Moon
the "Kats Korner"

a special reclining area for our feline friends

c/o Agna " Good for Hugs "

The first to fall to the Battle in the
Soul Prison
as the Factions attempt to
capture the "metal"

Those of the Fir Cruthen
their Shades - seem to inhabit
the Crimson moon

"but very fetching shades"

thought Agna

"ahh .. Valhalla here I come !"
serving spirits again !!!
Oh.. Woad is me!!!
More of the departed
a regular haunting
Of course some look better than others,...
the McNasties are regenerated
But then - a new sight caught Agna's eye
a well filled ball gown
while outside there were more customers

but some customers are more
eye-catching than others

in the eye of the beholder..
  meanwhile ...
a nameless wind blows through the tavern
  Un-remarked by other customers  
  deep in conversation  
  or  writing the next article for the
local rag..
  or discussing the whichness of the why  
  But Agna was strangely attracted to
those deep discussions...
  which quite captivated him  
  While the Painted Persons cavorted  
  and young McQuaid watched

[Halo McQuaid]

  while younger McQuaid|
looked pensive

[Jack Mcquaid]

  outside in the Simba Chariot

a young warrior slept!!!

  Back at the bar ...
Raygen - still holding Agna's Heart
she said she would body guard him ..
Now there is no body to guard !!!
  And other new acquaintances...
Agna failed to catch her name
before his demise
  But would have like to know her more  
  But rats get everywhere

these debonair pair of rats with
full moustache 

  Ah -- but also at a table ...  
  and here was Bevyn -
the Mother of the Stormwolves
last but for Sijurd of Hel
  and from the Kings Own Regiment...  
  Striking a pose  
  while a gorgeous rat
looks to eternity ..

(It is up and to the left !!!)

  King's Own meets Stormwolf Own  




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