Retribution 1106
from Vollsanger

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  Yes, its that time again!!
The end of the World
IS coming
and only the Heroes
of the known factions
can alleviate it
bring your handkerchiefs
  and join Vollsanger's recollection of
Retribution 1106

When we travelled to the Forest of Frigg
to protect Thor's Temple
from the Swarm Generals
Bubilis and Snickt
and all got a little poorly

as usual the lion azure
had their own version
of what happened - here

Sadly, due to the illness Vollsanger
did not get out as much as usual,
but here are his pictures of the event


Welcome to Nausea in Norsca...


So, the story so far ...
The Swarm, having suffered some defeat last
at the Skadi Mountains have reformed
and still breeding with peasants have
amassed a huge army to defeat the free people of the factions.
They also have been working upon a disease
which is magical in nature
and cannot be cured by normal means...

The Widow protects the Crimson Moon..

  Within but a few minutes of gathering in
Some of the warriors are hit with
a strange disease...

Much Corporeal Power is used
but it only places the contagion
in abeyance..

  Even great vigilance seems
unable to stop the spread of the disease
  So what is happening outside?  
  The gathering of the armies
ready to Storm the Fort
to allow our alchemists
to do their business
  Let's Take a closer look
at some of those who will not return this day
and those who will

Anders ...
Creator of the "Anders Effect"
now only to be remembered for
his facial Wounding..

"Punch him in the face Anders
there's a good chap!!"

  Kurt Steiner of the Wolf Faction
Reading his Horror-scope in the
the Goblin Newspaper

"You will meet a grizzly death.."

  She is ready to give the Swarm a
piece of her tongue !!

Yo!! the Orknejah

  Though it may be others suffering
at the end of her
pointy finger at present ...
  And Dari the Ogre Wife
gives lessons in hair do ..
  Now you see me ...  
  While ... creeping behind the "Villager"
  Is Caulkin....  
  While Asgeil the Villager demonstrates
the local method of Circumcision
practised in the Village
  Magnus of the Black Wolf remains
  While a fellow Bard
readies for the Fight..

"Race you to Valhalla"

  You don't have to be
a beast man or Grendel to be hairy..
  While Djordic readies for the Fray


Cos "L-M-M-D-I"

  What a  fine set of teeth !  
  Dari Ready for the off...  
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