Retribution 1106
from Vollsanger

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  "Come to me my Lovelies!!"  
  "Give me your weapons"  
Hobbs on Patrol
  Ready to go ...  
  Among the Grendel
(Vollsanger Spots
a flitting
  Hidden among the crowd..  
  Vollsanger is always
willing to chase
after creature comforts
  and Vollsanger was
distracted for a moment'..
  While Hobbs was on Patrol..  
  And other warriors ready for the fight ..  
  Among the Greenery...  
  and notice Stenkill is always
in the background !!
  No - I am not an ingredient
for your alchemical
  So... We ready then ???  
  Ahh - Time to Go !!!
We are ready to Move!!!
  Well - I am ready !!!  
  Well we are ready !!    
  Itching to go ...  
  Really itching!!  
  That will be the Corporeal Rot
then !!
  Caption Competition No 1

"What you got down there Big Boy ?
Is that the Swarm
or are you just being friendly ?"

  Vollsanger had to take a closer look  
  and of course - there is more 
- so you will have to go to the next page to see... c
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