Retribution 1106
from Vollsanger

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  Tir readies for battle

another who will
"Race you to Valhalla"
and not return from
the field

"You bring the mead!!"

  and pose ...  
  sometimes together
[yup - both dead!]
  Fallon of the Painted Men
not destined to return this day ..
  Kyra of the Painted Men  
  Sigurd of the Church of Hel
checks his weapons
  Ready for the Fray..  
  While Vollsanger was
distracted for a moment'..
  While for others the waiting
seems interminable ..
  Don't look now but there is
something behind you !!
  Only making adjustments..
  While The LG gets down to
serious business..
sucking a Lollipop!!
  "I will bite the head off the Rats
as though they were
nothing but this
Just see if I don't !!
  Ahh - Time to Go !!!
We are ready to Move!!!
  Umm - In just a minute or so ...  
  Well we are ready !!  
  Itching to go ...  
  Really itching!!  
  While the White Wolf have
seen it all before
and the Ritual Team know
it is hurry up and wait !!
  The White Wolf Tent  
  A pensive moment
for our Ritualist
  Waiting patiently  
  [Never pull a face at the Camera Man
You never know where the photo will
end up !]
  But back in the field ...  
  Last minute plans are made  
  While Next Door the {Jhereg}
Rats are about to March
  and of course - there is more 
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