Retribution 1106
from Vollsanger

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  With Natural Armour  
  or with Metal Armour and Chain  
we hurry up and wait ...
  Ready to go ...  
  all weapons checked  
  Will sneaks through
as a good ranger should
  While Some look
towards the battle
never knowing what it will
mean for them 
  while others stand and wait  
  some happily - and some not so happy!!  
  Volsanger thought 
a new day had arisen with
the Sunz
  "The Sunz never looked so
good in the past"

he thought

  still waiting  
  So... We ready then ???  
  back to those waiting..  
  Raebeez of the Grendels
ready for battle..
  While Nevvyn checks his arrows  
  ready when you are..  
  Snogg checks that her armour is tight  
  Kol Jordolf
  And a new Ice wolf appears
Bjorn Again
  more characters that Vollsanger
knows names for
the new Castellan for the Wolves
  Stenkill has a pensive moment  
  Everyone suitably runed  
  Still waiting...  
  While Bevyn Communes with

err - herself

  Ahh - The {jhereg} Rat monsters
 make their way
  and of course - there is more 
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