Retribution 1106
from Vollsanger

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  So the Lion Azure are
in fine Fettle
  Mirth and Anders  
  Enough !!
Just give me something to hit !
  Creas joins the waiting.  
  While a Rat
[not a Swarm of Course]
looks to his destiny ..

to survive the battlefield
and then get struck down
but that is another story ..

  While the "Widow" Agnes is
in  a cheerful Mood
  though trespassing upon
Wolf Land
hoping nobody notices..


  More pictures of the Camp  
  While back in the Tavern -
Stilla catches up on her
  While a saddened Davika
of the Norod
nurses a mangled ankle

and Rann really
feels the effect of the
Swarm Ailment

[ what role play!]

  and Cardinal Klot du Creme
of the Evil Sunz
Pays a visit
finds his attention
drawn by Tarien of the
Merchant Militia....
  and Nara  
  and Kano of the Talistri  
  and there is that
Evil Sun again...
  deep in discussion  
  While Evangeline of the Narod Rodina
has a quiet moment in
the Crimson Moon
  and Vollsanger decides to
dally a while
  and rub shoulders with the
local press
from the Black Phoenix
  But finally

Out in the field

The Steppe Alliance

  Nomad Friends  
  however reluctant to be
seen by the imp box..
happy now with Vollsanger's
poor effort to capture the
freed from her Castellan Duties
takes on the role of
Warlock of the Wolves
  Still worth while being careful
about infection
  As Agnes waves the warriors
a hearty farewell
  and reflects  
  and reflects  
  and... {you get the idea}  
  but back on the route to the battle..  
  there are also attractions  
  and of course - there is the battle
and care of Logan
the Storm Riders ready for the off  

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