Retribution 1106
from Vollsanger

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Thank You - Vollsanger - by leave of the Widow Lady

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  and so a short respite
[sadly die to a Man Down call]
  Well - that's one in the eye for a
Calico Rat
   and a time to commune with the Land... for the Stepe Alliance
takes a moment to himself
  While Vollsanger was
distracted once again
  Arkwright again  

while Lixx communes
with the wind

  Little knowing that her
hours are now numbered
  The Steppe Alliance
stand by the fortifications
  The King's Own...  
  The KOV -
come to visit
  while others mill...  
isn't that the Coat that
Bubis wore??
  a quiet moment  
  Sergeant Lawrence
sporting a new eye injury
  first blood ?
said Vollsanger....
not far from gaze...
  and Morgan of the Fir Cruthen
seems also to be bloodied
  But standing Firm  
  though a little battered  
  "don't forget me.."
Says  Lawrence
  Any sign of the Swarm??  
  I'm watching
and I have my rattle !!
  I am sure I have seen
 that coat before !!

Trust me
you will regret
wearing that back to camp !!

ready for action again
lets just check
the claws!!
  here we go
(and yes
it IS raining
It is Wigan after all!!)
  best foot forward  
  meanwhile ...  
heads for the front
  I think  
  seems to have something on his mind
never mind!!
  while the
alchemists ponder
  and back to the KOV  
  No!! Don't shoot me
This is only my Imp Box!
  honest !!  
  we could always exchange
bardic notes
  regarding the glories of the day  
  What do you think?  
  so back to the action Snickt and his band taunt the stronghold  
  ably defended I'll let the pictures tell the story  
  And even in a battle
resides beauty unsuspected
  and so Vollsanger's snapshot
 of the battle
was complete
  so back in the Crimson Moon
we can see that we Have the finest ales
Bothvar Beer
Estrag Ale
Camel P*ss
and an apple brew
in the King's Own Colours
  while the Fir Cruthen get Playful and a reluctant Pole Dancer  
  and a new drink is
note the Red and Blue
at the base of this
Wicked Blue Concoction 
  and Vollsanger's Favourite moment...

The Black Wolf Ogre Ugrek
had been missing for a year after marrying
Rann Dombynt of the Tavern

"Where do you think you have been?" she demanded... "You have been gone a year !!""

"Oh dear !! - I forgot the Milk !!" says Ugrek and goes out ..

  and that is all from Vollsanger for this excursion
See you in Ernassmarr...
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