Retribution 1106
from Vollsanger

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Battle is joined

  Hrothga and Anders
rally the troops
   and skirmishers are out
  The Factions ready themselves  
  While the occasional
Swarm Skirmisher
harries them and disappears into the undergrowth
  or amass in strength..  


  "Race you to Valhalla..  
  Race you to Valhalla...  
  Race you to Valhalla...  
  But YOU bring the Mead!!  
  With the Rock Golem
in the fore
  and strong hearts behind  
  and.... err
a Large presidential
breeze blows by...
  so onto the action..  
  battle commences  
  hand to hand  
  fight and recover
  Watch your back for a
Swarm attack!
  When you least expect it  
  Hell hath no fury...  
  as a woman swarm..!!

See what I did there ?

[if you enjoyed that
I am here all week!]

  Strike them down..  
  and err fall !!  
  And again!!  
  and take them out...  
  "get them" shouts Dari
from a safe distance
and Anstial goes in for the kill
  and more arrive..  
  harry - and Attack  
  the skirmish continues  
  and a wider view  
  form a further perspective  
  an overview  
  from a different angle  
  on the field of battle that day  
  and of course - there is more  
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