Retribution 1106
from Vollsanger

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  So we say farewell to the
Water Carriers
  While Snogg and Djordic discuss
and we are ready!!
  Don't take a picture!!
Okay I won't...
  We'll take two
(but remember you promised
Vollsanger a
proper picture when
your hair is
properly done !!)
  "Mustn't forget the Milk !!"  
  "did someone say we are moving?"  
  Caption Competition 2

"You say something ??"

What caused the Lady to look
like that ??

answers to

  "Nuffink I said!! ""  
was distracted
  and no surprise...  
  and he is not easily distracted
in my experience..
  "don't know what you mean "  

While a smile can brighten the day
a shiny helmet can
brighten even Wigan

[ ooh arrr Matron!! ]

  Our Brave Faction Command
ready to give their all!!
  While the Acolyte of
the Church of Hel
is ready to stand firm
  still waiting  
  ready when you are..  
  Bevyn, Mother of the Stormwolves
  and hospitality Secretary
to the Wolves Faction
  Wow! readies the
Grendels for Battle
with the Markings
  Each carry the Marks ...  
  With Pride
for we are Wolves
  Snogg checks her armour  
  Kol Jordolf
in full armour
  Bjorne Again  
  check your weapons  
  Kord grins his battle Cry  
  Stenkill knows that there are
great tasks for the Alchemists
  Though many will support
in this battle
  Yes... still waiting!!  
  and of course - there is more
- so you will have to go to the next page to see...
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